KFI Announcers from the 50s to the 80s

Bill Haworth


Walt Hoffman


Sid Fuller


Mike Nolan


Jim Todd


Ed Hart


David Starling (Audio)


Chuck Bennett (Audio)


George Dvorak


Chuck Collins


Chuck Cecil (Audio)


Gary Owens


Dave Shaw (Audio)


Don Wilson


Art Baker


Ben Hunter



Geoff Edwards (Audio)



Lohman and Barkley

(Sounds and Photos)


Bob Kerr (Audio)


Pat Bishop


Jack Angel


Robert Q. Lewis


Dick Peabody


Dick Whittington


Paul Compton


Dick Sinclair (Audio)




Ted Myers



Rollie Thomas



Bruce Wayne

(More Photos)


Scott Ellsworth

Jerry Bishop

Jack Wells' Self Portrait


Staff Promotional Piece



Extra Sound Bite

F. Evans NW Judges Contest




Posted and Edited by Steve Blodgett, EarthSignals.com