Author’s loose leaf Note book

(From 1930 and following, Compositions, Essays & Blogs)

Some of these are manuscripts.  Porterville Union High School had manual printing machines that were very unforgiving, had no spell check or delete function.  Nor did they have a print preview option or font change.  They were called Typewriters.

I remember that ones typing speed was reduced 10 wpm for each error made.  I received a passing grade by plodding along and presenting an error free page.  This was a “fill in” class, considered as unimportant at the time.  Today these skills prove to be more ’at hand’ than those of Chemistry or Latin 2.

Note: All characters in the stories posted here, except for KFI staff, historical figures, my friends, George and Harold, and the character of myself, are invented, manipulated and named by the author.  Places once owned by the author are used fictitiously.  Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, establishments, or local situations, Is entirely coincidental.

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