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The following article appeared in CGC #895:



Re your comment in CGC #894 that, "It is almost as if the
FCC's Enforcement Bureau [field operations unit] has shut down..."

It is a verifiable fact that the Pacific Northwest has only
one field engineer (a Resident Agent in Portland) to cover the
area formerly covered by the Portland and Seattle District Offices
with eight engineers and Binh is very overworked and distracted by
the "cause de jour."  Seattle has one non-technical field agent
and the District Director who is a great lady but not an engineer.

Some of us are hoping that Julius G. will get good advice and
correct that situation when he takes over.

Philip M. Kane  P.E. / Esq
VP - General Counsel & Engineering Manager
CSI Telecommunications Inc. - Consulting Engineers
San Francisco, CA - Beaverton, OR


In reply, the situation is actually worse than Phil Kane reports.  There is only one agent in Portland, and the District Office in Seattle has only the District Director, a non-engineer, and no field agents at all, for a grand total of two people in the Pacific Northwest.  They are trying to hire a new Senior Agent for Seattle, but because the Commission won't pay moving expenses, no low level agents from other offices will apply. The FCC is now planning to fill the position with a direct hire from outside the agency.  That person will have a serious learning curve and nobody to teach him or her.  Other FCC offices are also being decimated by retirements.

Whose fault is it that jobs at the FCC's Enforcement Bureau, which are about the neatest jobs and Electrical Enginer can get, have trouble getting filled?  Fault the Bush administration, Michael Powell and Kevin Martin, who refused to pay for staff moves, and otherwise ignored the retirement bubble in the Enforcement Bureau for the last 8 years.

An Anonymous FCC Employee, March 2009

Posted by Steve Blodgett